Hopedale & Makkovik Festivals

Today marks day three for the 14th Annual Rhubarb Festival in Hopedale.

The events for today started off at 1pm with the Co-ed 4 on 4 Volleyball Tournament at the Nanuk Centre.

At 3pm there will be Fireman’s Challenge for ages 18-25, 26-39, 40-49, and 50 and up, with 2 male, 2 female, location to be determined.

There will be a senior’s Social at 5pm at Nanuk Centre sponsored by DHSD.

Located across from the Nanuk Centre will be cardboard boat race held at 7pm for 16 and up, male and female categories.

Must use cardboard and duct tape only.

Tomorrow’s events start at 1pm with a Toddlers social at the Nanuk Center.

There will also be Adult’s Fear Factor, Dance Challenge and Famous Couples beauty Pageant.

OK Radio will have more of the events of the Rhubarb Festival tomorrow.