Hopedale and Postville Ice Conditions

Every year the OK Radio informs our listening audience on the ice conditions along the coast.

Ian Winters is the Conservation Officer in Hopedale.

He says the ice conditions is fairly new yet but has froze over about 5-6 days ago.

They have been on the harbour for a few weeks or more and had some skidoos coming in from Natuashish, inland way.

Winters adds that the winter route is not safe and you can’t travel to south of Hopedale yet towards Postville way.

Glen Sheppard is the AngajukKâk for Postville.

He says the Ground Search and Rescue in Postville would like to notify their residents that one of their members tested the ice from what is known as lower Tom Oliver’s to just below Spruce point.

Please be advised that the white looking ice/slush is not safe to be on.

All due to the mild start of winter, for your safety, please pay attention to this and any other ice information in your immediate area.

Also please note that the white looking stuff you can poke a dart down through is only thick slob.

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