Hopedale and Postville Get’s COVID-19 Vaccine Shots (Audio to be added later)

Hopedale and Postville were the third Nunatsiavut town’s to get their COVID-19 vaccine shots couple of days ago.

Kimberly Dicker is the Public Health Nurse in Hopedale.

She says they had a really good response from the residents a couple of evenings ago.

The clinic opened from 6 pm till 8:30, and a little over a hundred people came for their vaccine shot. An elder, Katie Pijogge was the first person to get the shot.

Dicker says they continued yesterday morning administering the vaccine to more people.

She says some of the people had concerns whether they should have the shot, and some asked how things went with the other communities, and some was positive about getting the first vaccine.

Meanwhile yesterday was also an exciting day in Postville.

Tyler Edmunds is the First Minister of NG.

He too said, “I think there were some concerns circulating and most people recognized that these vaccines have gone through approval processes and testing procedures and is safe.”

Edmunds says the people there are looking forward for the second dose in a few weeks. Ruth Jacque was the first to get the vaccine shot and the eldest to receive his shot was Joe Edmunds.

Stay tuned to AtjiKangitut today to hear Dicker and Edmunds give you more information about the historic day in their towns.