Holiday Fire Safety Tips

The Department of Justice and Public Safety is kicking off a holiday fire safety campaign to provide tips on how to help you protect yourself and your family this holiday season.

Once a week during the month of December, the department will issue a Public Advisory to ensure residents keep fire safety top-of-mind as you celebrate the holidays.

As you begin to ‘Deck the Halls,’ remember that while the lights of the Christmas season bring a festive and warm atmosphere to trees, boats and homes, you should take these steps to help manage lights safely:

– Purchase the appropriate lights and accessories for the job, such as outdoor lights and extension cords for the exterior and interior lights for inside the home;
– Never use lit candles to decorate your tree;
– Purchase the proper clips and hangers for your lights. Avoid using nails, screws and staples;
– Inspect light strings and extension cords before use. If there is any sign of damage to the cords or light sockets, they should not be used;
– Ensure extension cords have a rating that meets your needs, and if it is being used outside, the cord must be designated for exterior use;
– Never overload electrical outlets;
– Avoid stringing different light types together. For example, do not plug a string of new LED lights into an older, incandescent one; and
– Never pinch extension cords by running them through doorways or windows.

The Department of Justice and Public Safety wishes all residents a safe and happy holiday season.