Hans Rholmann on Nain Moravian Church Anniversary from 2015 (Audio)

The Nain Moravian Church celebrates its Anniversary tomorrow, Wednesday, February 19th.

This year marks its 250th of the Moravian Church, where it was established in 1771.

Most town businesses are closed for the special day and OKalaKatiget Society is one of those.

OK radio spoke with Hans Rholmann who is from the Religious Studies at Memorial University in St.John’s, the interview was done back in 2015.

Click here to hear Rholmann talk about the Nain Moravian Church Anniversary Celebration and the First Inuk that was baptized.

Due to COVID restrictions, A recorded Special Service for the 250th anniversary of the Nain Moravian Church Establishment will be aired on OKâlaKatiget Radio on Friday, February 19, at 10am this year.