Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is just over a week away and public health officials are providing some tips to make sure kids end up with treats and not COVID.

Acting Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Rosann Seviour, says if someone is feeling ill, or is isolating for any reason, they should not give out treats or go trick-or-treating. She suggests putting a note out by the door to let kids and parents know to skip to the next house.

If someone chooses to give out treats, Seviour recommends using hand sanitizer and wearing a mask when answering the door.

She says to drop any treats directly into the child’s bag instead of asking them to pick their own from a bowl.

As for children who are out and about on Halloween, Seviour says the standard COVID protocols apply.

Children should wash or sanitize their hands before leaving, when they return home and before eating any treats. Masks need to be worn if trick-or-treating indoors, such as in apartment buildings. Further, she suggests parents go with their children to ensure they follow physical distancing protocols.