Geese Samples

The Torngat Wildlife, Plants and Fisheries Secretariat will be taking samples of geese this fall.

Any hunters in Nunatsiavut please consider contributing samples to help identify and learn more about the species and populations of geese that migrate through Nunatsiavut.

The Torngat Secretariat would especially like to get samples of the smaller geese that arrive later in the season.

Each sample includes a tail fan, head, and one full wing, one goose per bag and harvesters are asked to write the date of the harvest on the bag.

To donate samples, you may contact the following in your community:

Carla Pamak in Nain, Ian Winters in Hopedale, George Gear in Postville, Errol Andersen in Makkovik and David Wolfrey in Rigolet.

Any submission will be entered into a draw for a dozen of goose decoys.