Fuel Prices

Fuel prices are down across the board on the island this morning, but most of Labrador is waking up to some significant increases.

On the island, Western Labrador and Churchill Falls, prices are down.

Gas has decreased by 1.8 cents and diesel is down by 2.4 cents. Furnace oil has gone down by nearly one and a half cents and stove oil has dropped by just over 2 cents.

Propane sees the biggest change, dropping by 3.5 cents.

A much different story for the rest of Labrador, however.

The Public Utilities Board says winter supply for those zones will soon be completed. As a result, they have implemented a seasonal suspension of maximum price adjustments for gas, diesel, and stove oil—reflecting the supply of winter product to the region. That’s resulting in substantial increases. In all other parts of Labrador gas is up by 8.8 cents, diesel has jumped by 15 cents, and stove oil is up by just over 13 cents.

The PUB says the suspension will be in effect until resupply to those zones in the spring.

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