Food Fire and Ice project (Audio)

A Memorial University Masters Student has been conducting research in Nain and Postville for his project called “Food, fire, and ice”

Frederic Dwyer-Samuel is a Master’s Student in Biological Sciences at the University of Montreal.

He says this research is integrating local knowledge, plant response, and cryosphere dynamics to predict future food and fuel in Nunatsiavut.

This project is aimed and focused on Food, Fire and Ice, they investigates the relations between forest fires, plants and permafrost at the site of three recent fires near the communities of Nain (at Webb and Tikkoatokak Bays) and Postville (near Beaver River).

He adds they have been conducting interviews documenting Inuit knowledge on the subject as well as the impacts of forest fires on the communities themselves.

With climate change, much of the elements of northern ecosystems will see important changes.

An information session will be taking place in Nain this Wednesday at the Nunatsiavut Government Board room, starting at 7pm.

He adds that food hot beverages and a prize draw will be held during this information session.

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