Fitness Room Users

The Nain Inuit Community Government has come to their attention that some people are not using the Fitness Room equipment in a proper manner leaving equipment partially damaged and costing the Recreation Department monies to repair these items.

The 2 Weight Lifting Cages are not meant to be used for power lifting and some users are using the bars for this, and dropping weights down on the floor causes superficial damage to both the weight lifting bars as well as the cage itself.

They also found beer cans inside the fitness room and locker room on occasions and as a policy of the NICG, there are to be no alcohol permitted inside of the building.

If the Recreation staff have suspicions that you are in possessions of such items, belongings will be searched, and if found, they will be reported and may cause you to be banned from the premises.

Please ensure that all equipment you use is sanitized after each use and that all attachments are removed and properly stored away.

The Recreation Department prides itself in offering good quality equipment for the benefit of its users and that they strive to keep the fitness room clean and safe for all users.