First Minister, Executive Council, and Speaker Selected

Members of the Nunatsiavut Assembly have re-elected Kate Mitchell, the Ordinary Member for Makkovik, to serve as First Minister of Nunatsiavut.

The election was held yesterday, May 16, 2018 during the first sitting of the fourth session of the Nunatsiavut Assembly in Hopedale.

The First Minister oversees the running of the Nunatsiavut Executive Council, and acts as the Minister of the Department of Nunatsiavut Affairs, responsible for:

(a) implementation of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement;
(b) the administration of justice and the legal services required by the Nunatsiavut Government; (c) eligibility and enrolment of Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement;
(d) the management of Nunatsiavut Government public property; and
(e) housing for Inuit.

Both the President and First Minister sit as members of the Nunatsiavut Executive Council (NEC).

The following Ordinary Members have been appointed to serve on the NEC:

Tyler Edmunds, Postville: Finance, Human Resources and Information Technology
Tony Andersen, Nain: Lands and Natural Resources,
Gerald Asivak, Upper Lake Melville: Health and Social Development,
Rachel Saunders, Hopedale: Education and Economic Development,
Jim Lyall, Nain: Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

Following the swearing-in of all newly-elected and re-elected Ordinary Members, the First Minister and the NEC, Assembly Members reaffirmed President Johannes Lampe’s nomination of Edward Blake Rudkowski, an Ordinary Member for Canada, as Speaker.

Carlene Palliser, the Ordinary Member for Rigolet, has been appointed to serve as Deputy Speaker.