Enhanced Schdevac and Medevac service or residents of coastal.

Randy Edmunds, MHA for Torngat Mountains announced today an enhanced Schdevac and Medevac service or residents of coastal.

Edmunds says on a Facebook Post April 16, “We will now have a dedicated air craft for the Schevac Service and a separate deicated aircraft for the Medevac service.”

“This is great news for the people of the Labrador coast. When the amalgamation of Air Labrador and Innu Mikun was announced in 2017, we saw a need for an aircraft to solely address medical evacuation. This dedicated, enhanced service will eliminate conflicting schedules, resulting in a more reliable service for Labradorians.” Edmunds continues

Edmunds added that he would like to thank you, the people of Labrador, for your support in advocating for our communities. Together, we’ve worked hard to get this service in place. Our call for change has been heard and answered.