Easter Games Schedule

This year’s Easter games has already started for Nain.

Yesterday Monday, April 5th, they had Children’s and Adult’s Ice Games.

In the evening they had ages 13+ Ball Hockey Tournament from 6-10pm, and from 7-10pm they had a Pool Tournament for adults ages 16+.

Today, Tuesday, April 6, will be Children’s and Adults Ice Games from 1-3pm down to the Nain Harbour.

Children’s games are Egg Between Leg Race, Leap Frog, Three-Legged Race, Crab Race, Softball Throw, Hula Hoop Running Race, and Running Race.

Adult’s games are Stick Throw, Four-Legged Race, Bunny Hop Race, Foot Ball Throw, Softball Throw, Blindfold Race, Gas Can Partner Race, Snow Show Race, Blindfold Dizzy Egg Race, and Horse Obstacle Race.

Today there will be Recreation Bingo starting 5:30pm. $21 cards, $75 Games, $300 Mini, and a $1000 Jackpot to go. Cards are selling at the Nain Husky Centre from 11am-5pm.

This evening there will be a Ball Hockey Tournament for ages 5–16-year-olds up to the Jeremias Sillitt Community Centre from 6-10pm with a limit of 2 teams in the gym at one time.

All players ages 5-16 must wear a helmet with a full-face mask and hockey gloves.

You can contact William Flowers for more information.

There is to be no spectators permitted due to COVID-19 Restrictions.

The Children’s Ice events will start again tomorrow at 1pm we will more details on the events tomorrow.