DHSD Programs and Services

The Department of Health and Social Development offices in Nunatsiavut are very busy with different services and programs in all the NG communities this year.

Kaila De Boer is the Director of Mental Wellness and Healing with the DHSD with the Nunatsiavut Government.

She dropped by to the Ok radio studio yesterday.

De Boer says with a lot happening they wanted to inform beneficiaries on what programs and services they offer.

Some of the issues she discussed were Mental Health and Addictions Services, Trauma and Addictions, Youth Programs.

To hear part one on the interview with De Boer, click HERE.

For more information about any of these topics you can contact Kaila de Boer at (709) 922-2942, ext. 276 or by email at kaila.deBoer@nunatsiavut.com.