DHSD Craft Night

The Department of Health and Social Development in Nain are holding Craft Nights every Friday evenings.

Lisa Dicker is the Community Health Worker with DHSD.

She says this Craft Night started in June of this year; and is held every Friday evenings from 7-9pm at the DHSD multipurpose room.

Dicker says last Friday they had about 9 participates attend.

Participants are making their own seal skin bags, seal skin mitts and Moosehide boots.

You can bring your own material to the craft night, but there is already materials provided by DHSD.

Materials that are provided are: Moosehide, Seal skins, Silk, Wool, Threads and needles, knitting needles, crochet hook.

Dicker says she just made another material order in today.

If you are interested in this Craft Night or would like to get more information about this you can contact Community Health Worker Lisa Dicker at 922-2126.

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