Day 2 of the Makkovik Trout Festival

The 28th Annual Trout Festival in Makkovik started yesterday August 7, 2018 and runs until Saturday, August 11, 2018.

Day 2 of the Festival started at 1:30pm with Family and Friends Sad Sculpture Contest with a trophy for Best Sculpture with a theme of food.

2pm there will be a mug-up at the community Hall with a presentation on Cultural Plants by Carrie cannon.

This evening at 6pm there will be a DSHD Bingo.

Also at 6pm there will be a dance for ages up 5 years old.

To end off the day there will be a formal dance for ages 6-12, Dads and Daughters and sons and Mothers.

Tomorrow’s events start at 10am with a Trout Festival Treasure hunt for ages up to 6.

11am – 2 pm there will be water mania for all different categorized ages.

Other events for tomorrow include: community BBQ, Trout festival bingo and men’s soccer.

Tune in to OK Radio tomorrow to hear what’s in store for Wednesday schedule of events.