Come Home Year, Day 7

It has been a week since the community of North West River have been celebrating their Come Home Year for 2022.

Melanie Blake is part of the organizing team.

Today, Friday, August 5, elders 50 years of age and older can go to the Community Centre at 2pm to have some teatime.

Adults 19 years of age and older will have a dart tournament tonight at the Community Centre starting at 7pm.

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 6, the community can go to the Lester Burry Memorial Park for the Folk Festival and “Come Home and Craft” Marketplace and Vendor Exhibit from 12 noon to 9pm.

There will also be a contest for the “Best Raspberry Pie in Northwest River” at the park, with judging starting at 4pm.

On Sunday, August 7, the closing ceremonies for the Come Home Year will begin at 6pm until 9pm at the Community Centre.