Coastal Winter Supply

OK Radio contacted some stores in Hopedale, Rigolet, Postville and Nain to see if they are ready for the winter season.

Darren Smith is the Manager for Northern in Rigolet

He says that the store basically has everything in the store and not sure if they need anything but there might be some more coming on the boat. He also says that Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas Lights will be coming from Happy Valley-Goose Bay sometime in December.

We spoke with the manager for the Franks General Store in Hopedale.

He says they are doing okay and ready for the winter season. They are waiting for more supplies, groceries, house supplies, hardware and more.

In Nain, Max Gullingham is the new manager for Northern.

Gullingham said that the store is full and ready for the next six months. He says they are waiting for some water, furniture and other general stock that will be coming on the next boat.

Katrina Loman is the new manager for Quickstop.

Loman says that Quickstop is basically fully stocked for the winter. They have some groceries to wait for on the next boat. Loman would like to add that if there is anyone that has some suggestions for stock to be added to the store, anyone can let her know.

In Postville, Winston Sheppard is the manager for Sheppard’s Variety.

He says that they got most of their winter supply in but there is more coming in. They are waiting on some building materials and some groceries that will be coming on the next boat.