Coastal Community Freezers

OKâlaKatiget Radio contacted each of the respected communities along the coast for an update on their community freezers.

The Nain Community freezer has char but are only doing emergency deliveries.

If anyone would like to put their name in for deliveries, can call 922-2380 or contact the Nain Community freezer through Facebook; they will need your name, address, and phone number.

The Hopedale Community freezer have moose meat.

They are doing deliveries for seniors, those with disability, and for those who do not have transportation.

If you would like to have moose meat delivered to your home, you can contact the Hopedale community freezer at 933-3864, they are open from 8:30am to 12pm, and 1 to 4:15pm.

The community freezer in Postville got moose meat, char, and cod.

They are not doing deliveries, but are doing call-in appointments, you can call Katelyn Chaulk at 479-9830 during regular office hours to do a pickup.

The Makkovik community freezer only have char.

They are also doing call-ins to pick up the char, you can call the office at 923-2221 to pick up the char during office hours.