Coastal Community Freezers

OK Radio contacted the community freezers from along the coast to see what they have to offer.

In the Nain community freezer, they have seal meat, char, mattak, porpoise meat, and fish heads.

In Hopedale, they have char, smoked char, jumper meat, mattak, seal meat, bison meat, chicken and turkey.

They also have a small pantry of food for people with low income and for seniors.

They would like to remind everyone that each person is offered to get some food once a week.

In Postville, they only have char.

The Makkovik ICG has some arctic char.

Anyone wanting to pick up some char is asked to call the ICG to make an appointment.

And in Rigolet, they have some chicken, beef, pork roast, beef roast, bake apples, red berries, crab claws and some stew and beef.