Climate Crisis

The projected impacted climate change is among the focuses of this year’s Vital Signs report and it shows Labrador will see the most dramatic changes through to the end of the 21st Century.

The projected change in the average daily temperatures expected to warm by nearly 13 degrees on the Ungava Peninsula at the northern tip of Labrador.

Even in Central and Southern Labrador the projected winter temperature increase is projected to be 7-9 degrees.

In Nain, average winter temperatures are expected to change from about -15 to- 5 in the year 2021. Summer temperatures are projected to rise from 10 close to 15 degrees.

When it comes to projected changes in precipitation, the Island is expected to see the greatest increase in daily winter precipitation at over just 1 minute.

The MHA for Torngat Mountains District, Lela Evans has introduced a petition in the House of Assembly asking Government to declare a climate emergency.

She has cited a recent Scientific American magazine article stating that this time to acknowledge that mankind is living in a climate emergency. And is a serious situation that requires immediate action and likened it to a person calling 911 because they’re house is on fire.

She says “we need immediate action to start the process to stop and reverse the climate change, if we do not do that now and declare a climate emergency, by the time the fire truck shows up, the house will burn down.”

The petition calls to declare climate emergency to the government and establish a task force on decreasing the effects of the crisis and consider the climate in all policy and decision making.