Chinook Project coming to Nain

The Chinook Project is coming to Nain.

They provide essential veterinary care to remote communities in Canada North.

Martin Hopson is the Coordinator for the Chinook Project.

He says weather permitting; their team will be arriving on Tuesday, June 11, 2019.

Their full days of clinics will be on June 12, 13, 14, and 15 at the Nain Fire Hall.

There will be four Veterinarians; Dr. Heather Gunn McQuillan, Dr. Peter Foley, Dr. Mike West and Dr. Becky Jackson all from the Atlantic Veterinary College, and five Veterinary students from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown

They will start each day around 9am to 9pm or later if needed.

The Chinook Project will offer Vaccines for cats and dogs such as distemper, parvovirus, rabies, de-worming, general checkups, and surgeries for spay, and neuter and other surgeries may be possible depending on the condition.

He says some of the other medical issues may be treatable, but don’t have access to diagnostics like blood work and X-rays.

They also have limited medications available, and things may have to be ordered through Dr. Jackson’s Clinic.

Hopson says people can drop by the first day to make an appointment but would like to note that it could be quite a wait for walk-in.

Hopson would also like to add that they are a charity and everyone involved is volunteering their time and that their services will be given free of charge.

He also adds that it costs over $30,000 a year for their team to make this trip.

They would also gratefully accept any donation for their clinic and tax receipts can be mailed.

Hopson also thanks the extremely generous people of Nain that his team has found places to stay during their visit.