Candidates Running For Ordinary Member Speak Out. Today: Marjorie Flowers and Lela Evans (Audio)

General Elections for the Nunatsiavut Government will be held next Tuesday, May 1, 2018 in the Constituencies of Nain, Hopedale, Postville, Rigolet, Upper Lake Melville and Canada.

Two seats are available in Nain, Upper Lake Melville (ULM) and Canada, while one seat is available in all other Constituencies.

The LIST OF CANDIDATES is as follows:

Nain: Tony Andersen, Henry Broomfield and Jim Lyall

Hopedale: Greg Flowers, Charlotte Lucy-Piercy, James (Jim)Tuttauk and Rachel Saunders

Postville: Tyler Edmunds and Glen Sheppard

Rigolet: Carlene Palliser and Charlotte Wolfrey

ULM: Belinda Andersen, Gerald Asivak, Sharon Cormier, Marjorie Flowers, Rose Pamak, and Marlene Winters-Wheeler

Canada: Selina Adams, Edward Blake-Rudkowski, Lela Evans, Roland Saunders and Charlotte Winters-Fost

To hear Marjorie Flowers and Lela Evans tell you why they are strong candidates to run for Ordinary Member for the constituencies of Canada and Upper lake Melville, click HERE.