Boys Day in Nain

The preparation for the Young Men’s Traditional Festival Day has started in Nain.

Gabriel Suarak and Abele Ikkusek will be the AngajukKat for this year.

He says there are 13 boys who turned 15 that are eligible to join this year’s festival.

Suarak says that they will be holding their first Young Men’s Day meeting today at 3:30pm, Tuesday, January 8 at the Jeremias Sillitt Community Center.

Suarak and Ikkusek add that they hope to see the young men at their meeting today.

Also in Hopedale the Young Men’s and Girls Traditional Festival Day is set for the end of January.

So, anyone interested in joining their day can contact Gabriel Suarak or Abele Ikkusek in Nain, and the contact person in Hopedale is Augusta Tuglavina.