Beneficiaries Urged to Continue to Abide by George River Caribou Hunting Ban

Beneficiaries urged to continue to abide by George River caribou hunting ban.

The Nunatsiavut Government wishes to advise Beneficiaries of the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement that the provincially-imposed hunting ban on George River caribou remains in effect.

As a member the Ungava Peninsula Caribou Aboriginal Round Table (UPCART), the Nunatsiavut Government has agreed to discourage Beneficiaries from harvesting any George River caribou while the ban is in place.

“The George River caribou is in a critical state and any harvesting now will significantly impact the recovery of these precious animals that are so culturally important to the Labrador Inuit,” notes Lands and Natural Resources Minister Greg Flowers. “We have relied on these caribou for many years for social, cultural, and nutritional purposes to feed and clothe ourselves, families, and communities. We must do whatever we can to help protect these animals that have provided so much to us.”

Minister Flowers is also calling on other Indigenous groups in Labrador to encourage their members to adhere to the ban.

“Caribou have sustained Indigenous peoples in Labrador since time immemorial. If we want to ensure the future of this valuable resource, then all harvesting has to stop.”