Belgium Pilot Returns to Makkovik

Sam Rutherford; a pilot from Belgium returned to Makkovik last weekend after his ordeal on May 1st, 2019.

Rutherford along with another companion who was from Great Britain accidently crashed south of Makkovik last month and unfortunately his companion did not survive.

Barry Anderson is the AngajukKâk for the Makkovik Inuit Community Government.

Anderson says that there were seven members of the ground, search and rescue team from Makkovik, one volunteer and an RCMP member that went to the crash site to rescue the two men.

Anderson says that Rutherford visited Makkovik while he had the chance to meet with his rescuers and had a get together at the hotel and talked about the event and how the team managed to get to the site of the crash.

Rutherford who is about 47 years old is very thankful to the GSAR members, and a potluck was held at Henry Broomfield’s place.

Rutherford brought with him chocolates from Belgium to show his appreciation to the team.