Aqpik Jam Music Festival 2022

The Aqpik Jam Music Festival is the largest music festival in Nunavik.

After 3 years of the spread of COVID-19, it will finally be going ahead in Kuujjuaq.

It is held during the second week of August to coincide with the ripening and harvesting of the wild berry called Aqpik.

The festival lasts four days with a full-slate of performances every evening from 7:30pm to early in the morning.

The music festival will be starting next week, Tuesday, August 9 until the 12th, 2022 and will be held at the Kuujjuaq Forum.

It is a special opportunity for many Northern musicians to perform for the public, one of them this year being the Flummies.

To name a few, William Tagoona will be performing, as well as Riit, Kathy Snowball, and Elisapie Isaac.

In addition to nightly concerts, day-time activities are organized during Aqpik Jam.

Each year, for example, there is an aqpik berry-picking contest to see who can pick the most berries. That special person is recognized with a trophy and holds exclusive berry-picking bragging rights for the following year.

Other day-time activities include a canoe race, as well as golf, dart, cribbage and poker tournaments. A community feast is also held every year at some point during the week’s celebrations.