AngajukKâk Wolfrey, Sheppard, and Andersen (Audio)

OKâlaKatiget Radio contacted all the angajukKât along the North Coast to see what their plans are for their community members and staff for safety precautions.

Yesterday we aired angajukKâk of Nain, Joe Dicker and angajukKâk Marjorie Flowers of Hopedale.

They informed their residents about what their community governments are doing to help their community members about this virus.

We also spoke with angajukKâk Charlotte Wolfrey of Rigolet angajukKâk Glen Sheppard of Postville and Barry Andersen, angajukKâk of Makkovik.

To hear what their Inuit Community Governments are doing to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

Click here to find out what Wolfrey, Sheppard and Andersen has to say to inform their residents in their communities.