TB Meeting in Nain (Audio)

There will be another TB screening in Nain this coming Wednesday, October 23rd.

Joe Dicker is the AngajukKâk for Nain.

He says there were 600 people screened and they are looking at another 500 more Nain residents to get tested.

Dicker says if anyone would like to get screened, they can call the Department of Health and Social Development and have their name listed.

To hear more of the Screening in Nain, click HERE.

Keeper of the Flame Film (Audio)

There is great pride and resilience in the Inuit culture in Nunatsiavut.

A new film dedicated to Inuit called “Keeper of the Flame” profiles Derrick Pottle, an Inuit hunter, carver and guide from Nunatsiavut.

The short film tells the story of the Inuit culture and provides the viewer with a deeper understanding of their way of life.

The film Director and writer for the “Keeper of the Flame is Jason Van Bruggen with the support from Adventure Canada.

They filmed in various places in Green Land, Baffle Island and various other places in Nunatsiavut.

There will be a longer version of Derrick’s story set for theatrical release in late 2018.

Keeper of the Flame will be shown on October 26, 2018 in Toronto at the Planet Earth Film Festival and another one in Alberta on October 28, 2018 at the national film festival.

To hear more about this film – Keeper of the Flame, click HERE.

One Door Program

A new program called “One Door” is being offered at the Labrador Friendship Center in Happy Valley Goose Bay.

This program recently began in October 2018.

The One Door is a great program to help and assist with job search; resume writing, interview preparation and filling out application forms.

We spoke with Amanda Budgell who is the Community Service Worker with the Labrador Friendship center.

Our new drop in services is available on every Monday and Friday from 8 am to noon and from 1 pm-4 pm.

The new program is located at the main floor in the Labrador Friendship center.

For information contact: Amanda Budgell, community service worker at the LFC 896-8302 ext. 216 or you can email her at: abudgell@lfchvgb.ca

RCMP Presentation

Public notice from Nain RCMP.

Members of the Nain RCMP will be having a Career presentation for those interested in a career with the RCMP.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions you may have about applying for a career in the RCMP.

Anyone who is interested can attend a Presentation at the School library at the 4-12 school. This event is open to all ages.

The presentation will take place on Thursday October 25 at 3:10pm

If you have any questions, you can call the RCMP station at 922-2862.

Nain CARE Sale

The well known Nain CARE committee continues their fundraising to help the people of Nain.

We spoke to Joan Dicker who is one of the volunteer committee members.

Dicker says the committee started about 20 years ago and it was formed to help assist people in our community in emergencies and for medical reasons.

On Saturday, October 20th they had a bake and rummage sale.

Many items at the sale were donated by a group in HVGB that was lead by Patti Penney as well as others from our community.

Also donated, were baked goods, pizza and cakes for a cake walk.

Tickets were sold on a Skor Bar cake that was donated by Alice Okkuatsiak, a Handmade drum that was donated by Simon Kohlmeister, as well as a cross stitch made by Sarah Webb. Sarah Abel and Mike Ford also made 6 pizzas for the sale.

A give away was held the next day with what was left of the sale items.

From this sale to date, we received $1,547.70 with tickets still available on the drums and cross-stitch until Saturday, October 27.

The money that was raised will go a long way for a good cause

We are also planning a Halloween dance for next Saturday to raise more funds

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and for a big turnout at their sale.

JHMS Seeking Employees

The Jens Haven Memorial School is currently seeking employees.

Jacob Larkin is the Principal at the JHMS.

He says currently they are looking for an Illusivut teacher to assist with Grades 4-9.

Students at the JHMS did not have the opportunity to have the Illusivut program the full year due to lack of Illusivut teacher.

In an Illusivut program Children are instructed in certain traditional ways of life.

They will be taught how to knit as well as other with wool works, duffle work, embroidery beadwork, woodworking, and soapstone carving.

Larkin says right now the JHMS primary Illusivut teacher is Darlene Howell, she assists with the K-3 students.

He adds that they are also looking for an Inuktitut teacher for Grades 4-9.

In the JHMS primary school the Inuktitut teacher is Julie Dicker.

He adds that they are also looking for a custodian or janitorial person and a Home School Community Liaison.

If anyone is interested in any of these positions please contact Jacob Larkin at the JHMS at 922-2813.

New Nain Safe House Update

The new Shelter in Nain is slowly in the process of starting their operations.

The construction of the new Safe house started last summer in 2017.

Tracy Denniston is the Acting Executive Director for the Nain Safe House.

She says right now they are currently waiting for services with Aliant, and are currently moving in equipment.

The new Safe House is funded by the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Association.

Denniston added that once they are in operation they can assists up to 9-10 clients.

Lawrence O’Brien Update

The Lawrence o’ Brien Arts center is very busy with the upcoming events happening for this month and in November.

Matthew Barrett is the Manager at the LOAC.

After a very successful run with the Tragically Hip had a successful performance in Lab West Arts and Culture Centre they have decided to take the show on the road.

Barrett says they will be performing at the LOAC in Happy Valley Goose Bay on Friday October 26, 2018.

Performance starts from 8pm-10pm and the café seating allow audience to enjoy a beverage and refreshments.

Tickets will be sold at the Box Office.

Barrett added that the Igloo Tag will also hold a public meeting on Saturday October 27, 2018.

Also in November a live performance with Ryan Cook will perform a Hank Williams tribute on November 9th.

If anyone would like to find out more about what activities are going on they can also visit their website at www.obrienartscentre.ca.

Nalcor issues stop-work order to Astaldi; 500 workers being sent home from Muskrat Falls

Nalcor Energy is breaking ties with the financially-troubled main contractor at the Muskrat Falls hydro megaproject, after weeks of fiscal and legal conflict between the two companies.

Nalcor has directed the Canadian subsidiary of Italian construction firm Astaldi to stop working on the site, and is arranging for Astaldi’s 500 workers in Labrador to return home.

The latest dramatic development comes after weeks of legal jousting, with Astaldi seeking more cash for its work on Muskrat Falls, and Nalcor insisting Astaldi is responsible for debts owed to subcontractors and suppliers.

Astaldi has been facing financial woes both in Labrador and Italy, where the parent company has filed for a type of creditor protection.

Igloo Tag (Audio)

The federal government created the Igloo Tag Trademark in 1958 to protect Inuit artists from fraud, cultural appropriation and theft.

Alysa Procida is the Executive Director of the Igloo Tag.

The government issued licences to major distributors allowing them to place the Trademark on tags accompanying work after a piece was purchased from an Inuk artist.

It denotes handmade, original artwork made by Inuit artists in Canada.

The Inuit Art Foundation acquired the rights to the iconic Igloo Tag Trademark in 2017 and has been in consulting with various stakeholders in Inuit Nunangat, Ottawa and online to determine how best to revitalize it for today’s Inuit artists.

T hear more about the Igloo Tag Trademark, click HERE.