Makkovik Hosts 2017 Fall Sports Meet

The 2017 Fall Sports meet is being held in Makkovik this year.

We spoke with Julie Dicker, the Physical Education teacher for the Jens Haven Memorial School (JHMS) in Nain.

She says that the fall meet will start today.

Students from all of the north coast communities will be attending.

To start off the events, all teams will play table tennis today.

Tomorrow morning, both the boys and girls will be doing their cross country runs.

Volleyball will also start off tomorrow.

And tomorrow evening, the Native games will begin.

Dicker adds that there are 5 new boys and 1 new girl on the JHMS Huskies team.

We wish the Huskies all the best.

OK Radio will have the results from the Fall Sports Meet when they become available.

Torngat Fishery Has Slow Season in Nain

The overall char fishery in Nain did not go so well this summer.

There were only 29,000 pounds of char landed at the Nain fish plant.

Keith Watts is the General Manager of Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative.

He said they didn’t reach their goal of 50 to 60,000 pounds of char.

Watts said he don’t know what happened with the fishery, but, according to talks with the fishermen, there were a lot of heavy seas, the tides were on and off, and the water was very dirty.

He added the fish plant in Makkovik is still operating, and turbot is being landed.

The Makkovik fish plant may be open for another two weeks to a month.

Stay tuned for AtjiKangitut tomorrow to hear Watts give you more details about the overall fishery.

Gas Prices Ease, While Diesel Varies Across the Province

The Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices was pretty much spot-on with their fuel forecast this week.

The regulated price of gas drops today by just under 6 (5.8) cents a litre.

Diesel is up by just over a cent (1.1) on the island, but drops by 4 (4.1) cents a litre in Labrador.

As for furnace and stove oil prices, they show a slight increase of just under a penny a litre.

Residential propane prices are stable this week.

North Coast Community Freezer Update

OK Radio contacted the north coast communities to see what they have in their community freezers.

In Nain, the community freezer has birds and mattak.

In the Hopedale freezer, they offer, dry goods, sugar, tea, flour, canned foods, char, chicken, hamburger meat, and ribs.

Information on the Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet freezers was not available at this time.

Freight Cut-Off Deadlines Approaching (Audio)

Nunatsiavut Marine Inc. (NMI) is reminding commercial customers that the cut-off deadline for commercial contractor shipping is less than a month away.

Gary Latimer is the General Manger for NMI.

He says that commercial contractor equipment and materials will need to be at NMI facilities by October 15, 2017.

The guaranteed delivery deadline for all other residential freight and household goods is October 31, 2017.

To hea Latimer give more information on the Freight cut-off deadlines, click here.

Statement from Nalcor on Muskrat Falls

The following statement is issued from Nalcor Energy:

Nalcor agrees that the safety and health of people living and working in and around the Muskrat Falls site is the number one priority.

In response to commitments agreed upon in October 2016 by Government and Indigenous leaders, and direction from the Premier to lower water levels on June 21, 2017, the Lower Churchill Project’s engineering consultant, SNC-Lavalin, provided operational guidance in relation to reducing water levels.

Understanding the commitment made to Indigenous groups; in spring/summer 2017 Nalcor sought further engineering assistance as to how best to undertake the reduction in water levels. We undertook this work keeping safety top-of-mind and lowered water levels in the Muskrat Falls reservoir from 22.5 metres to 20.3 metres. The average water level in the reservoir during spring conditions is 20.0 metres.

While lowering water levels, regular inspections were undertaken. During some aerial surveys, engineers expressed concerns about the erosion of some of the banks upstream of the facility. In the interest of public safety, Nalcor did not reduce water levels beyond the 20.3 metres.

Over the summer, Nalcor undertook further mitigation measures within the Muskrat Falls reservoir below the 25 metre water elevation level. Approximately 40 hectares of trees were cleared on Edwards Island and associated access roads and river banks. The clearing was completed in early August.

Nalcor engaged with and shared information regarding Muskrat Falls water levels with Indigenous leaders and Government throughout this process. During the meeting on September 6, Nalcor was asked by the province to explore all opportunities to reduce the water levels in the reservoir to those typical of natural spring conditions. Nalcor was requested by stakeholders to have SNC-Lavalin facilitate a meeting with the Independent Expert Advisory Committee (IEAC) which occurred on September 8.

Nalcor understands people’s concerns and fully supports the IEAC and awaits further guidance regarding any additional mitigation measures.

MV Astron to By-Pass Makkovik Until Repairs to the Dock are Completed

Nunatsiavut Marine Inc wishes to advise that due to the condition of the dock in Makkovik, the MV Astron will not be able to dock, and will by-pass Makkovik on its way south to Goose Bay.

Yesterday, the dock was deemed unsafe due to the steel structure protruding from and hanging off of the side of the dock.

The current state of the dock could result in catastrophic damage to the vessel.

Nunatsiavut Marine is assisting the province with arranging a contractor to perform emergency repairs to the dock, which will allow the MV Astron to dock safely.

Updates on the progress of the repairs will be provided as information becomes available.

Currently, the MV Northern Ranger is unaffected by the issue, and will continue to call on the port of Makkovik according to schedule.

Weekly Gas Price Predictions

Gas goes down, but all other fuels are up in the Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices’ fuel forecast for this week.

Their numbers show gas going down by just over 6 cents a litre, and diesel rising, but only just under a cent.

As for heating and stove oils, spokesman George Murphy is predicting an increase of a cent a litre.

John Jararuse’s Trip North (Audio-Inuktitut Only)

There were many Inuit travelling to the St. John’s Harbour (kangitluasuk) Base Camp this summer.

When re-visiting the trips north of Nain, it’s interesting to hear of the events that took place.

John Jararuse is an Inuk elder from Nain.

He says he attended the visit up north, and told stories of the name places, and the way of life in the past up there.

Ok radio spoke with Jararuse last week, and the first interview was aired during our IlliniaKatigennik show.

To hear Jararuse’s first story on the PiusituKavut show today, click here.

Two Job Opportunities for Youth with the OKâlaKatiget Society

The OKâlaKatiget Society has obtained funds through the First Nations and Inuit Skills Links Program to employ two youth at our office in Nain.

This is a Mentored Program which assists young people in acquiring the essential skills that will help them gain employment, function well in the workplace, and learn about job and career options.

The two positions available at OKâlaKatiget are one Television Intern and one Radio Intern.

Applicants must be:

Youth between the ages of 18 to 30 years old.

Unemployed and out of school.

The deadline to apply is today, September 20.

The period of employment is 26 weeks, ending March, 2018.

The rate of pay will be $15.00 per hour.

For more information, contact the OK Society at 922-2955.