Lawyer Cooper attending Apology from Prime Minister

The planned Apology from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on Friday this week.

The long awaited apology event for the Labrador Residential School Survivors will include students and their families, including their Lawyers and its staff.

Steven Cooper of Cooper Regal Law Firm will be in attendance.

He says his law firm have been dealing with the former students since it started ten years ago.

Cooper says for the former students who attended residential schools and former students who were abused, payments have now been issued.

They are presently working on the payments for those attendees who have passed on.

To hear Cooper talk about his law firm and the lawyers attendance at the event of the apology on Friday, click here.

DHSD Events

The Department of Health and Social Development in Happy Valley Goose Bay have events going on all this month.

Sharon Edmunds is the Team Leader for DHSD.

She says this week they changed the Youth group from Tuesday to Fridays.

Edmunds says the youth group went swimming yesterday.

Today, Wednesday they will hold a Positive connection for people who would like to get together.

Tomorrow they will hold an Elders Sewing Circle and the Elders ladies will get together and work on the different crafts.

To hear more of the Events in Happy Valley Goose Bay, click here.

Gas Predictions

The maximum price of gas will be going down tomorrow.

The Consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices predicts a decrease of three cents a litre.

Spokesman George Murphy says there will be little change in the prices of other fuels.

MV Northern Ranger Mechanical Issue update

Nunatsiavut Marine Inc (NMI) has announced that their engineers and electrician were trouble shooting through the night and have been unable to repair the bow thruster issue of the Northern Ranger.

Factory technicians en route to Goose Bay yesterday were delayed due to weather.

They are scheduled to arrive today and will provide expert assistance towards resolving the issue.

NMI will continue to provide regular updates as repairs progress.

TRHA update

The construction phase of new homes in the north coast communities seems to be going well.

William Lucy is the Coordinator for Torngat Regional Housing Association.

He says they are waiting on materials for repairs in most of the communities.

Lucy says the five new homes in Nain are waiting for the walls to be plastered and painted and a few other repairs have been completed.

In Rigolet one home is completed and they are presently waiting for materials to arrive for their repair program.

Meanwhile, Makkovik and Postville are also waiting on repair materials to arrive.

In Hopedale one new home is nearly completed with cabinets yet to be installed, in another they are putting up interior walls.

Also, in Hopdale they are waiting for materials to repair 2 homes.

Lucy added in Postville no one is working at this time as they are also waiting on materials to arrive for the repair program

Woodward’s Tanker Coming Soon

The gas station in Nain has been out of gas since last Friday.

Nain residents, as well as OK Radio, have been waiting for news on when the Woodward’s Oil Tanker will arrive.

Dennis White is the Vice-President for Woodward’s Oil in Goose Bay, NL.

He says the tanker is expected to arrive to town on Thursday, November 23.

OK Radio will have more information on the tanker when it becomes available.

Northern Ranger Delayed by Mechanical Problem

The MV Northern Ranger is holding in Goose Bay to resolve a mechanical problem.

Gary Latimer is the General Manager for Nunatsiavut Marine Inc.

He says the passenger and freight boat was due to leave Goose Bay at midnight last night, but a minor mechanical issue occurred before she left.

Latimer says they hope to have the problem resolved by this afternoon.

To hear Latimer give you more details about the MV Northern Ranger, click here.

Immediate Release for Residential School Survivor’s Apology

On Friday November 24th, 2017, in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will deliver the apology for Canada to the Labrador Residential School Survivors.

The following are the planned formal events; please note that there is invitation-only attendance with respect to the morning breakfast and the feast. The apology itself is open to everyone and begins at 10:30 am.

Breakfast will be 8:30 am at the Royal Canadian Legion for survivors, trial witnesses, Elders and class counsel, and will be attended by Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, the Honorable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Crown –Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, as well as MP Yvonne Jones.

The apology starts at 10:30 am at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre (LOAC) and will be opened with a ceremony. Overflow quests will be at Mealy Mountain Collegiate (MMC) and will be live streamed. This event is open to all former students and families and the public.

The LOAC will be reserved for former students and family. Others will be directed to the MMC.

A feast will be held at 12:30 pm at the Mealy Mountain Collegiate (attached to LOAC) and is open to all former students, their families/supports, their counsel, Elders, health supports, the Prime Minister, Minister Bennett, MP Jones and other invited officials.

Health supports will be set up at Hotel North 2 and will also be present at the apology with separate break-out space.

There will be simultaneous translation into Inuktitut and Innu-Aimun with headsets.

Steven Cooper and Alan Regel of Cooper Regel Law Firm and David Rosenfeld of Koskie Minsky, Counsel for the survivors, will be in attendance with their team, and look forward to seeing Survivors, friends and their family.

Tune into tomorrow’s AtjiKangitut show to hear Cooper on RSS and apology event.

Premier Ball Announces Muskrat Falls Public Inquiry

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador announced yesterday that it will be proceeding with a public inquiry into the Muskrat Falls Project.

The Honourable Dwight Ball, Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador, announced the appointment of Justice Richard D. LeBlanc as the sole Commissioner of Inquiry, in accordance with Part I of the Public Inquiries Act, 2006.

Justice LeBlanc will begin his work as Commissioner in January 2018.

A biography of Justice LeBlanc can be found in the backgrounder below.

The inquiry will provide a greater understanding of:

Whether all options were considered at the time of sanctioning the project,
why there are significant differences between the actual cost of the project and the estimated cost at the time of sanction, and whether it was justified and reasonable for the project to be excluded from oversight by the Public Utilities Board.

According to a press release by the NL government, the Muskrat Falls Inquiry responds to concerns to have the project reviewed as soon as possible, and represents the best option to independently review the Muskrat Falls Project.

In addition, the public inquiry maximizes transparency and provides for an independent assessment of the issues raised in the terms of reference.

The terms of reference for the inquiry, also announced today, can be found online at

The inquiry is expected to take approximately two years for completion, with the final report due December 31, 2019.

Black Sealskin Boot-Making Project on the Go

A black sealskin boot-making project is being done in stages, and is not yet completed.

Peggy Andersen is coordinating the sealskin boot-making in Nain, NL.

She says she’s broken down the boot-making into five stages.

The first stage was to get the sealskin pelts from Makkovik.

Andersen says the second and third stage was to clean the skins, taking off the fat and velum, and turning the sealskins over to shave the fur off, then putting them on a sealskin frame to dry.

The fourth and fifth stages of the project will be started again after Christmas.

That’s when they’ll cut out the patterns, soften the pieces, and start sewing the pieces together.

Andersen adds there are six people on the project: Krissy Holwell, Beni Ittulak, Mary and Donna Dicker, and Heather Angnatok, and the instructor is Margie Broomfield of Makkovik.

OK Radio will get back to Andersen after Christmas to get more information on the black boot making project, as this project is interesting to learn, and will hopefully help bring back the tradition.