TRHA update

The construction phase of new homes in the north coast communities seems to be going well.

William Lucy is the Coordinator for Torngat Regional Housing Association.

He says they are waiting on materials for repairs in most of the communities.

Lucy says the five new homes in Nain are waiting for the walls to be plastered and painted and a few other repairs have been completed.

In Rigolet one home is completed and they are presently waiting for materials to arrive for their repair program.

Meanwhile, Makkovik and Postville are also waiting on repair materials to arrive.

In Hopedale one new home is nearly completed with cabinets yet to be installed, in another they are putting up interior walls.

Also, in Hopdale they are waiting for materials to repair 2 homes.

Lucy added in Postville no one is working at this time as they are also waiting on materials to arrive for the repair program