3 New Cases

The province is reporting 3 new cases of COVID-19 today, all related to an outbreak at the Canadian Natural Resources Horizon Oil Sands Pit in Alberta.

2 men in Central Health region- 1 in his 60’s, the other in his 40’s have been isolating since their return from Alberta. They are members from the same household.

The 3rd man is in his 40’s in the Eastern Health region. He too has been isolating since his return. Contact tracing for all cases is underway.

The Department of Health and Community Services is asking anyone who travelled on Air Canada 690 from Toronto to St. John’s on Saturday, Oct 10, to call 811 to arrange for testing.

There are now 12 active cases of the virus in the province. The total number of confirmed cases sits at 287.

Rotational Workers Advised to Self Isolate.

Meanwhile the Department of Health rotational workers returning to the province from the Horizon oil sands site must self isolate for full two week period, regardless of their test results.

Relaxed rules for rotational workers from the province do not apply to work sites where an outbreak has been identified.