For the past ten (13) seasons, the television department at OKâlaKatiget Society has been producing and selling to the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, one and a half hours of programming per week. The duration was 23:50 and each program was produced in Inuttitut with sub-titles and targets all age groups.

This show entitled “Labradorimiut” followed documentary or magazine style format and presented current affairs, cultural affairs and entertainment items.

Before the 2010-2011 season, APTN requested new program initiatives that will allow development and production that will be a greater reflection of the communities we serve as well as the northern region and its wide variety of Aboriginal Peoples.

The current programming was groundbreaking when it was launched 20-25 years ago. However, times have changed and the current audiences are saying that it is no longer reflective of their expectations and interests and this goes directly to the mission of the network: Sharing our Stories. If young people aren’t engaged, then we have not shared our stories and have not reached the objective of passing them on to future generations.

The TV crew are now producing a youth oriented reality series, which will be of great interest to youth and in fact the general audience of Nunatsiavut. This new show is titled ”Tamanevugut” (We are Here).

Tamanevugut Schedule

Tamanevugut Season 3 will be broadcast on APTN as follows, beginning on Jan 6, 2015. (The Broadcast Premiere is on APTN North at 10 pm on Monday Jan 12):

APTN North        Mon      12:00 Noon Atlantic Time (AT)

APTN North        Mon      12:30 pm AT

APTN North        Mon      10:00 pm AT

APTN North        Mon      10:30 pm AT


APTN East           Tue       8:00 am Atlantic Time (AT)

APTN East           Tue       8:30 am AT

APTN HD             Tue       8:00 am AT

APTN North        Tue       4:00 pm AT


Pricing for copies of Tamanevugut are as follows:

Personal Use – Use by individuals for home viewing

Single Copies $17.70 + $2.30(hst) = $20.00
Two-part programs $30.97 + $4.03(hst) = $35.00
multiple Copies $13.27 = $1.73(hst) = $15.00

Corporate – Use by an institution or organization

Single Copies $47.83 + $7.17(hst)= $55.00
Two-part programs $60.00 + $9.00(hst) = $69.00
multiple Copies $30.00 + $4.50(hst) = $34.50