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  1. Tobey C Andersen

    Recently moved to Alberta late last fall, and I love being able to listen to the OK Radio during the mornings at work. Keep up the great work ladies 🙂

  2. Michelle Smith

    Great to meet you Sarah, Simone, Christine, Karen and Morris! We are big fans of the OKâlaKatiget Society! Congrats on your great work! Michelle and Kat

  3. I faithfully listen to the station and love it! When my favourite song comes on I just drop everything and put it on bust! I frightened my grandchild one day but she ended up laughing and tried to sing and dance with me!
    Is it possible to get a copy of that great song! It sounds like the late Antone Nokkasak in lead singer! In English the song is called Little Church in the Wildwood I think! Please correct me and I like the Inuktitut version in spelling D!
    Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Irene Reiche-Qaunaq

    Please extend our sympathy to the family of the young lady that died in Nain today. My daughter also was a victim of sudden suicide, in 2011. In Ottawa, we were repeatedly unable to get medical help. We found out that the doctors thought she was “faking” to get attention.
    See us at I am trying to talk to the Nunavut Government about these things, and I am talking to various other groups and organizations, with the hopes of doing something effective, something that will end suicides among us Inuit. We are losing our “brightest and best”. Again, my heart goes out to all other parents who have lost children.

  5. It was so nice to have met you Joanna Dicker when we were out in St. John’s, NL in November 2016, it was nice to see a face to the beautiful voice on OKalaKatiget Radio, may you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. Also going out to the OKalakatiget staff – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

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