Update from Mayor Jamie Snook on Mud Lake Evacuees

All residents and pets that had to evacuate from the Town of Mud Lake are all situated now in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

OK Radio spoke with Jamie Snook the Mayor of HVGB.

Snook says all but one individual was evacuated because he chose to stay and is on dry land.

He says the majority of houses are damaged.

The water level had dropped to about 20 cm over night.

All but one evacuee has private accommodations and that person is currently staying at a hotel.

Snook says that the town will continue to monitor the water levels.

He adds that they are looking into blasting the river but want to wait to see if the levels will drop even more.

Snook also added that they are very grateful for everyone who had helped out in anyway shape or form and that their thoughts are with the families of Mud Lake.