Press Release from Danny Pottle

Daniel G. Pottle, Ordinary Member of the Nunatsiavut Assembly for the Constituency of Canada wishes to inform his constituents that he has been dismissed as Minister of Finance and Human Resources for what has been deemed, by both the President and First Minister of the Nunatsiavut Government, to be insubordination. The President, through a telephone call on February 16/16, informed Mr. Pottle, that he was being dismissed and that the Orders were being drafted for his removal as Minister.

Mr. Pottle’s decision to return to St. John’s (after attempts to get to Nain on February 15 where postponed due to weather, and his own exhaustion from back-to-back travel) to participate in the NEC meeting by teleconference could be seen to be insubordinate, but he never intended it to be so in making a judgment call to return to his riding to participant in the meeting by teleconference which is a conventional practice of the NEC.

The President, this morning, confirmed, by email, for Mr. Pottle that the Nunatsiavut Executive Council (NEC), as well as Directors of the Department of Finance and Human Resources were informed of his dismissal, and that the Members of the Nunatsiavut Assembly would be informed today, and that a Press Release would be issued.

Mr. Pottle takes exception to the President’s opinion (which she expressed in qualifying the dismissal) that by deciding to return to St. John’s, he was putting his needs over those of the Government and Labrador Inuit, therefore deemed to be disloyal.

After 10 years as a dedicated and loyal servant to both the President and Beneficiaries to the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement, Mr. Pottle is taken aback to say the least, and believes that his dismissal is a harsh and unjustified decision.

Despite feeling dismayed and distraught, Mr. Pottle remains committed to continuing to fulfill his duties as Ordinary Member for the Constituency of Canada, and he thanks his constituents for their loyal support.