Only One Nomination For Nunatsiavut President

Only one candidate has been nominated for NG President.

Nominations for the position of President of Nunatsiavut closed at 12 noon on Tuesday, March 29, with only one candidate, Johannes Lampe of Nain, filing papers.

As per the Nunatsiavut Elections Act, Lampe – a former Minister of Culture, Recreation and Tourism and Ordinary Member for Nain in the Nunatsiavut Assembly – is required to participate in a live Inuktitut speaking debate to be aired on OKâlaKatiget Society Radio at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, April 5, 2016.

Once Lampe has participated in the Inuktitut debate, he can then be officially declared elected by the Nunatsiavut Electoral Officer.

It is anticipated that this will happen on April 6, and the swearing-in ceremony will take place on May 4.

Lampe replaces outgoing NG President Sarah Leo, who has decided not to seek a second term.