NG Looking At Returning Abraham Ulrikab Remains To Labrador

The Nunatsiavut government is looking at ways to bring the remains of Abraham Ulrikab back to Labrador.

In 1880, Ulrikab and his family were brought to Hamburg, Germany, as part of a human zoo.

They were one of many Nunatsiavummiut families enticed away from their homes in the late 19th and early 20th century.

While abroad in Europe, the entire family died of smallpox.

During their time in Europe, Ulrikab kept a journal in his native language of Inuktitut.

The diary revealed that weeks after arriving, Ulrikab and his family expressed a desire to return home to Labrador.

The whereabouts of Ulrikab’s remains were unknown until 2014.

Then writer France Rivet determined that they were in the French Natural History Museum, in Paris, during research for her book, In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab.

Before the process begins, however, the Nunatisavut government will hold public consultations on whether to bring the remains home.

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  1. Robert Gravel

    Bravo France. Your hard work and dedication will hopefully payoff with the return home of Abraham Ulrikab.

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