Nature Of Things Crew Filming Abraham Story (Audio)

In 1880, Abraham Ulrikab and his family, along with another Inuit family and a young Inuit man, left for Europe to become part of a “human zoo.”

Sadly, all eight of the Inuit in the group died in Europe from smallpox.

The CBC show The Nature of Things sent a film crew to Nain recently to shoot the story.

Guilhem Rondot directed the shoot.

The crew was accompanied by the author of “In the Footsteps of Abraham Ulrikab”, France Rivet.

She and Rondot joined us in our studio for an interview recently.

Rondot says there are many locations, including Nain, and in Europe, where they are filming the program.

Rivet adds that it is a fascinating story that was years in the making.

Click here to hear more from Rivet and Rondot about the story of Abraham Ulrikab.