Natuashish To Destroy Stray Dogs Following Attack

A stray dog cull will be taking place in Natuashish.

The Natuashish Fire Department released a letter on Tuesday March 5, 2013.

The letter outlines plans for destroying stray dogs in the community.

Any dogs found at the dump site were to be destroyed as of March 5, 2013.

Starting March 11, 2013, any dogs found roaming around will be destroyed as well.

The letter also states that all dogs must be tied up at all times unless they are being walked on a leash.

The actions are a result of an attack on a 9 year old girl by a dog in the community.

The girl has been medi-vaced to St. John’s.

Sergeant Faron Harnum is with the Natuashish RCMP.

According to Sergeant Harnum, the attack occurred Monday afternoon at approximately 5 pm.

The girl is suffering from facial injuries, and has bites on her arm and shoulder.

She was first flown to Goose Bay, but was then taken to St. John’s for more treatment.

The dog has been put down.

The cause of the attack hasn’t been determined at this time.

The animal has been sent to the Island to be tested for rabies.

The dog was owned by a Natuashish resident, but it isn’t known whether the animal was tied up at the time of the attack.

No charges are pending against the owner of the dog.

Attempts to contact the Natuashish Fire Department Fire Chief have been unsuccessful so far.