Nain Continues to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

More Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for Nain.

The Nain Inuit Community Government has started composting.

Dasi Ikkusek is the Town Manager.

She says the council ordered large bins for composting through Multi Materials Stewardship Board .

People interested in composting to reduce waste can buy them for $25.

Ikkusek says anyone who would like to know more about composting can see Gina Dicker or Bernard Obed for help.

She says a tender will soon be in place for the Trouser Lake phase II project.

Ikkusek says a pump house for chlorination will be constructed this summer.

And when all the work is completed the whole town of Nain’s water lines will be connected to Trouser Lake.

3 thoughts on “Nain Continues to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

  1. NainNunatsiavutNews

    Awesome, nice to see. I guess soon we’ll see actual properties showcasing…dare we say?…LAWNS! Great job NICG!!!

    I was wondering (in other news), what is on the go with that Goose Bay person barracading himself? Just thought I’d ask, seeing how CBC had a story on it.

    1. OK Project Director Post author

      The OKalaKatiget Society did not cover the story in Goose Bay as we could not get accurate information from qualified sources. We do not publish stories unless we have appropriate actual facts.
      Sarah Leo
      Executive Director

  2. Lloyd

    Way to go with the composting Nain. So much better to make useful soil instead of just throwing it into the dump.
    Each house has only a little bit at a time but after while it’s surprising how much accumulates.
    Keep on showing the way in how things can be just a little bit better!

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