John Hickey says Churchill Falls Power Should be Going to the North Coast (Updated)

John Hickey is demanding action on the hydro power situation in Labrador.

Hickey, the Former NL Minister of Labrador Affairs, is calling for Labrador politicians to speak up about Nalcor’s plan to send power to Newfoundland.

Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall recently revealed Nalcor’s plan to send power from the Upper Churchill Falls project to Newfoundland in mid-2018.

Hickey says Nalcor could run power to Voisey’s Bay, and then from Voisey’s Bay to Nain, Hopedale, and Natuashish.

According to Hickey, Voisey’s Bay will be installing about 50 megawatts of diesel electricity for the operation of the underground mine.

He says it would only take about 6 megawatts to power Nain, Nautuashish, and Hopedale.

Meanwhile, Nalcor is planning on sending 300 megawatts from the Churchill Falls project to the Island.

Hickey says the plan when he left the NL government was for Voisey’s Bay Nickel Corporation to pay for the line from Churchill Falls to Voisey’s Bay.

Nalcor would then pay to put lines to Nain, Nautuashish, and Hopedale.

Hickey states that the Combined Councils of Labrador should convene an emergency meeting to discuss the Labrador hydro power situation.

Hickey also says the Muskrat Falls project has been mismanaged, and that Nalcor was warned about methyl mercury concerns years ago.

He adds that he has concerns about the lack of movement regarding a new airport for Nain.

And that the North Coast trail is in need of improvements to further develop winter tourism opportunities for North Coast communities.

OK Radio will have more from Hickey on these important Labrador issues next week.