Earthquake Monitoring Stations in Labrador

Researchers from the University of Quebec in Montreal traveled to Labrador last month to place monitoring stations powered by solar panels in four Labrador communities for research on local earth quakes.

We spoke with Fiona Darbyshire who is a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

She says they have installed four earthquake monitoring stations in Nain, Makkovik, North West River, and Wabush.

Darbyshire says last week her group traveled to Nunavik to install four more stations.

This research is for local earth quakes in Labrador and the structure of the earth in the region.

She says a group of three team members traveled to Labrador on July 17- 28, 2011.

The main reason for the locations of these stations is to get the best coverage of receiving data from each station.

The panels in Makkovik are set up behind the community on a hill and in Nain its located by the power plant.

In North West River, the panel is located by the Labrador Institute Research Station. And in Wabush ,the station is located next to the water tower.

She says these monitoring stations will be in those locations for 5-6 years to record earthquakes from the region and around the world.

Geological service of Canada is helping with the data that is recorded to an internet transmitter to the archives in Ottawa.