Coastal Ice Conditions Update

OKâlaKatiget Society contacted the north coast communities about the Ice conditions.

In Rigolet we spoke to AngajukKâk Jack Shiwak.

He says the ice is disappearing really fast.

And people were going on speed boats two weeks ago to go fishing and hunting.

Marjorie Flowers is the AngajukKâk for the Hopedale Inuit Community Government.

She says the ice is good to travel on yet, but it is melting fast.

Flowers says people are going in different directions to go fishing and hunting.

She adds people have to cautious when going on ice.

We also spoke to Diane Gear, AngajukKâk for Postville.

She says the ice is giving out, and there are holes in the bay.

Gear says people are going hunting and fishing on the shorelines.

She adds for people to be cautious when traveling on ice.