Blake-Rudkowski officially declared winner of by-election for Constituency of Canada

Nunatsiavuts Electoral Officer Nannette Blake has released the official results of a recount into the May 10 by-election for the Constituency of Canada.

Edward Blake-Rudkowki has been declared elected and will be sworn-in as an Ordinary Member of the Nunatsiavut Assembly during the week of June 5.

As per section 89(1)(a) of the Nunatsiavut Elections Act, the recount, which was held yesterday, May 17, was automatically triggered because there were 10 or fewer votes separating the first and second candidates.

Official results following the recount: Candidate Votes (Mail-in Ballot) Edward Blake-Rudkowski 125, Bill Flowers 115, Roland Saunders 106, Tama Fost 90, Susan Onalik 87, Zippie Nochasak 79, and Sam Saunders 30.