Additional Remains to be Repatriated (Audio)

There are more human remains that need to be brought back to Labrador for reburial.

Johannes Lampe is the Minister of Culture and Tourism for Nunatsiavut.

He says after human remains were reburied at the Rose Island area at Saglek in 1995, there were seventy-nine others left out.

He adds even though these remains aren’t whole they will be brought back.

Lampe added that in 1970 or 1971 a Jacob E. Edson from the Memorial University in St. John’s had excavated these remains for further study.

He will be travelling to St. John’s on August 1st to start the process of reburial. He will bless and wrap up the remains on the 2nd and bring them back on the 3rd.

He adds that the Province and the Memorial University will help pay for the charter of aircrafts and boats to Saglek and back.

Click here to hear Minister Lampe explain more about what they plan to do.