Torngat Fishery Has Slow Season in Nain

The overall char fishery in Nain did not go so well this summer.

There were only 29,000 pounds of char landed at the Nain fish plant.

Keith Watts is the General Manager of Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative.

He said they didn’t reach their goal of 50 to 60,000 pounds of char.

Watts said he don’t know what happened with the fishery, but, according to talks with the fishermen, there were a lot of heavy seas, the tides were on and off, and the water was very dirty.

He added the fish plant in Makkovik is still operating, and turbot is being landed.

The Makkovik fish plant may be open for another two weeks to a month.

Stay tuned for AtjiKangitut tomorrow to hear Watts give you more details about the overall fishery.