MV Astron to By-Pass Makkovik Until Repairs to the Dock are Completed

Nunatsiavut Marine Inc wishes to advise that due to the condition of the dock in Makkovik, the MV Astron will not be able to dock, and will by-pass Makkovik on its way south to Goose Bay.

Yesterday, the dock was deemed unsafe due to the steel structure protruding from and hanging off of the side of the dock.

The current state of the dock could result in catastrophic damage to the vessel.

Nunatsiavut Marine is assisting the province with arranging a contractor to perform emergency repairs to the dock, which will allow the MV Astron to dock safely.

Updates on the progress of the repairs will be provided as information becomes available.

Currently, the MV Northern Ranger is unaffected by the issue, and will continue to call on the port of Makkovik according to schedule.