Update on Labrador Land Protectors with Jacinda Beals (Audio)

One of the Labrador Land Protectors has been freed again.

Jim Learning had been arrested from his own home yesterday.

Jacinda Beals is one of the Labrador Land Protectors.

Beals says that Nalcor’s lawyer, Mr. Chris King, had told the NL Supreme court that an RCMP officer had seen Learning protesting at the main gate of the Muskrat Falls site on Monday, August 7.

She says she was at the site the entire day since first thing on Monday morning, and she knows personally that Learning had not been there at all.

After being arrested and talking to a judge, Learning was released and sent back home to resume his house arrest.

To hear Beals tell you more about this latest development with the Muskrat Falls protest, click here.