Some Water and Sewer Services to Be Disconnected in Nain Today

Some residents in Nain may be disconnected from their water and sewer services today.

Joe Dicker is the AngajukKâk for the Nain Inuit Community Government.

Dicker says that taxes are imposed for water and sewer, and a poll tax is imposed for general maintenance to the town, such as garbage collection, street lights, fire hydrants, and other services required to operate the town.

Some residents in Nain have been in arrears for a number of years, and have been given the opportunity to pay their taxes.

Dicker adds that it costs $30 for the services to be reinstated after being disconnected.

We will be speaking with AngajukKâk Joe Dicker tomorrow on our AtjiKangitut program to hear more about the municipal taxes, and the town’s plans for them.