2017 Arctic Inspiration Prize call For Nominations

The Call for Nominations for the 2017 Arctic Inspiration Prize (AIP) is now open.

This year, up to $3 million will be awarded in three new categories.

One team will win $1 million.

Up to four teams could win up to $500,000.

And the third prize category is the Arctic Inspiration Youth Prize.

Up to 7 Youth teams can win up to $100,000.

The members on the youth team have to be under 30 years old.

The AIP is for teams of people who have come together with ideas to address challenges and opportunities they see in the communities, regions or across the Arctic.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved, or submit an application, go to the AIP website at articinspirationprize.ca.

The deadline to apply is October 23, 2017.

Or you can call Kevin Kablutsiak, Executive Director of AIP, at (613) 914-5172.